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    Program Evaluation
    Program Evaluation is an important component for educational entities and nonprofits that are accountable to funders. Every funder, whether a foundation, a corporation or a government agency, demands proof that your project worked. EduServ has evaluated numerous state and federal grants and can help you write the evaluation section of your proposal and work with you to develop evaluation tools to collect and analyze data and prepare required evaluation reports.
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    Grant Writing
    Raise funds for your organization by seeking the right types of grants. EduServ has access to a network of grant writers that can assist your organization across the state to find relevant state, government and philanthropic funding . They will work with you through all stages of grant research, preparation, submission and managing awarded grants. EduServ does not provide grant writing services or write grants for the 21st CCLC in adherence to TEA guidelines
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    Technical Assistance
    Grants Management is critical for Federal, State, and Local Government to be effective stewards of public funding and programs. Grantees are also responsible for managing use of grants funding and financial reporting. The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) require grantors to report on their implementation of the awarded grants. EduServ has the expertise to provide the assistance, guidance, and analysis required throughout the process’ life cycle – from Pre-award to Award to Post-award to Grants Close-out.
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